vineri, 20 mai 2011

It's the End of the World

Yesterday was the end of the world. What, didn't you notice? There was a big, devastating earthquake and all. Well said there would be. We people are so weird. We want to be immortal and hope that one day we will live with God in some beautiful place, but at the same time we invent apocalypses, lots of them. The website is not online anymore. I guess they tried to move the date or say it was an invisible one. I am really sorry for the people that really believed in it. Like Robert Fitzpatrick, who spent $140.000 for billboards trying to warn poor citizens.
That's really sad. We can fall for anything.
PS: Or...or... Dr Who saved us all.

2 comentarii:

rogue spunea...

cred ca ai vrut sa spui ''notice'' nu notes

AllGay spunea...

thank you, I noticed :)